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Code of Conduct Policy & Behaviour Contract

I/WE AGREE to the following in respect of our conduct while using Telford Hornets RFC club facilities or representing Telford Hornets RFC as a player, member, parent or spectator –


1. I/we will abide by the Code of Conduct as written below 

2. I/we will not use offensive language, shout or use aggressive behaviour towards any individual, player, club member, age group management team, referee or opposition.

3. I/we will encourage my/our child(ren) to respect club property, club members, coaches/team managers, referees and opponents as per the rugby values (TREDS)

4. I/we will not threaten, insult or abuse other individuals.

5. I/we will respect other clubs when visiting them and follow the code of conduct. 

6. I/we are responsible for the behaviour of my child/children at ALL times including during tours, training and games.

7. I/we will respect the coaches’ and/or referee’s decision when disciplining players at training/games 

8. I/we understand that when required to assist my age grade management team when our age group is ‘home host’ will commit to at least one duty per season. 

9. I/We will not encroach the respect barrier or enter on to the rugby pitch/training area unless taking an active part in the match or training session, unless invited to do so by a match official.

10. The Consumption of alcohol by Under 18’s is NOT allowed on Telford Hornets RFC premises.


If you do have concerns then these are to be raised initially to your age group manager who will then either deal with it directly or will pass it onto the Junior Chairman. Do not take it upon yourselves to deal with an issue; please follow the complaints procedure. This includes contacting other rugby clubs, if you have a complaint or concern regarding the behaviour of any player, coach or match official, you MUST raise this with your age group manager or Junior Chairman.

Action on breaking the policy


If a named individual on this contract is deemed to have contravened any part of the policy agreement, they will be liable to investigation by Telford Hornets RFC disciplinary panel. The panel is empowered to suspend or expel members of the club if found to be in breach of this code of conduct.


Any player, parent/guardian or spectator receiving a red card or is sent off from the playing enclosure/pitch by a match referee or coach, they WILL be automatically suspending from ALL rugby activity pending investigation by the THRFC disciplinary panel, without exception. 


Please see disciplinary process and procedure for further details.




I confirm that I understand the meaning of this policy and that the consequences of breaking the policy have been explained to me.

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